adventures in so. mo.

Springfield weekends are always quite the adventure.
We've enjoyed our time so far and we still have a packed day ahead of us.
Chris has promised to drive home tonight, while I get to snuggle with a seat belt.
I like drives home from Springfield. It means we can make a pit stop for gas station cappuchino or a splurge on a Starbucks coffee.

Also, this whole "going back to school thing" is sinking in.
Today at church someone asked me if we were students. Just as Chris began to say no, I proudly chimed in "yes! In June!"

I love school!
Here's pics of our adventure so far...

Charlotte explaining something to all of us.
I like her hand gestures.

And Sharon just begun taking tap dancing.
She decided to show us some of her moves.

Chris and Alex, or Marshall?

Sharon's nerdiness

"Smile Chris!"
"Why? You always take pictures. We have like a bazillon of these."
"So! Bazillion and one."

Grandma Helen and Kayla

Alex shows off his red braces.

Sharon and aimee

Chris and Grandma Helen

Happy 24th to Chris, a month later. :)
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