the toddy experience.

Have you ever heard of the word toddy in reference to coffee?
I hadn't until one of our friend's introduced us.
It's weird, but fun. And I like the taste even better.

You know how sometimes your coffee has that burnt taste to it?
Like it's been sitting on the coffee pot for a long time,
but really it hasn't because you just made it.
The toddy avoids that.

Also, it's easy to make cold espresso drinks with the toddy.
*wink, Lindsay*
Just add milk,
just add the syrups,
and walah! A fancy coffee drink.

And according to my friend and the website
it is way less acidic too.
Happy stomachs!

I like this system because the espresso concentrate stays good for a couple weeks.
So, there is no unused/old coffee leftover.
All you do is pour yourself a bit and mix with milk or water in the morn.
And it tastes like a reg 'ole cup of joe.
(very good)

So, I borrowed this thing and documented my experience.
Of course.

the equipment:

So this is what you do:

Get your pound of coffee.
I bought mine at a Lakota, my favorite local coffee shop in Columbia.
Ask them to coarse grind the beans for you.

Then stop up the bottom
and place the dampened filter in the inside

Next pour in your agua purificada

Then you'll pour in half of your coffee,
another round of agua,
the last bit of coffee,
and finally one more round of agua.
It looks weird like this:

And then it sits for 12 hours.
I made mine in the afternoon,
so it was nice and ready at 6am.

Afterward you pull out the stopper with the glass pitcher under,
and you have yourself some
mighty fine
toddy made
espresso concentrate.

It's pretty easy.
The only negative is right now we don't have a tea kettle, so we are microwaving all our water. I'm not sure how I feel about constantly doing that. If you already own a tea kettle (or don't mind getting one) then it might be worth it.

But, at least it's worth looking into.
That's what we're doing.
In decision.


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lesley kay said...

we aren't big coffee drinkers... but we do have a cute tea kettle that sits on our stove top... that we rarely use! ;)

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