Swift visit

This past weekend Mike and Anna came to visit us from Springfield. We did lots of fun things!

Fun things:
1. Ate at Shakespeare's Pizza, yum! (I think everyone who comes to Columbia eats at Shakespeare's).
2. Went to church together
3. Ate at Cafe Berlin (my faaaavorite breakfast place in Columbia because it's local, organic, weird food)
4. Walked around Mizzou campus
5. Ate the best frosted cookies (I am seeing a trend with food here...)
6. Caught up :)

Anna and the amazing cookies I get to buy when we have guests. Please come guests! I like these cookies... and you of course. ;)

Although Chris tires of "so many photos of us," I do not.

One of Chris' finer shots.

Notice the resemblance?

My bite, better

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Lindsay said...

I've been checking your blog all week, and haven't seen any new ones since the original spider bite one until now, when there are three new ones...did you post them all at once, or did I somehow just not see the new ones? That would be weird! ps-I check you and Nie daily! :)

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