Snow day/Potato Party Massacre

Have you ever had one of those deep sleeps where you wake up to find that you've slobbered all over everything nice and you feel like you've been hit by a truck?
I just did.
It was heavenly.
(notice the time... I have been asleep for a couple hours)

We had a half day today because of snow. It is b-e-autiful outside at the moment. Let me give you a glimpse:


Last night, however, was a different story.

Thursday nights mean Canvas Group (home group) for Chris and me. We meet with the same bunch and afterward do some sort of activity together. Well, last night Christopher and one of our friends Zachariah Burmaster decided we were going to have a Potato Party.

What is a Potato Party you might ask? Well, of course, it is a time when a group of people come together to make home-made french fries, straight from the bagged potato.

This is how is all began: Chris was just cutting potatoes with Zach, chit-chatting and such, when he jumped and sprinted off to the bathroom. I'm not sure if too many others noticed this as irregular, but I did. I walked to his knife on the counter and noticed blood. Not a good sign. I hurried to the bathroom. There I found Chris holding the end of his finger together.

"Should we go to the ER"
...uh yes
I knew it was bad when he didn't put up a fight.

We grabbed some toilet paper, keys, and some coats and ran out the door. Just that time Kirstin and Andrew Schulz showed up (Kirstin's a few months from being a RN) and they jumped in their car to follow us.

From there the night got better. Really. We actually enjoyed ourselves. It was our first ER visit as a married couple and we were laughing about the experience. Everyone makes mistakes right? Too bad this one will cause us to instill fear within our future children so they will never touch a knife! just kidding

Here's the documented version:
Warning: there's blood in these photos! Careful if you're squeamish!

3 stitches, that's it!

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Laurie Sue said...

You two (and your VERY good friends) are so adorable and I really appreciate that you take the time to allow the rest of us a peek into your lives. I'm so sorry about Chris's finger, but you all manage to make it a very fun and loving adventure! Hope the rest of your weekend is better! ~Your Momma~

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