Snow Day

Snow, snow, snow!

Monday and Tuesday have been even more snow days. Both mornings when I received the phone call around 6am I screamed loud enough to wake up Chris. "No Schooooooool! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Something like that.

It's funny because when I was a student, I always had it in my head that the teachers didn't want the snow days, that for some reason they were actually disappointed when they watched the morning news and noticed their school listed as one with NO SCHOOL. Now, I see that in reality it is quite different. Teachers are just as excited if not more to have no school.

Like me.

Although, I'm not sure if I will really enjoy it in 4 months when I am making those days up at the end of May, when the birds are chirping outside, flowers are blooming, and my shaven legs are aching to be in the sun.

We'll see.

Loreli on our way to the library

Today my friend Miss called me and asked me to get lunch with her and her girl Loreli. We had fun hanging out at the Library (Columbia has an beautiful, awesome library). I checked out Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Breecher Stowe. It's a classic that I still have yet to read. Loreli picked out lots of fun books, especially ones about Fancy Nancy. Then we traveled to Target, Michaels, and finally lunch at Panera.

After we were finished at Panera, Miss was away getting something when Lorlei said, "You have a daughter in your tummy."

"Um, what?"

Well, turns out I don't have a "daughter in my tummy" but hopefully I will be nice and ready when the day comes. Thanks, Loreli. :)


H. Mae said...

Aimee! You know that cute little picture of your boots in the snow at the top of this post? I took an almost IDENTICAL picture yesterday when I got home from work! I just couldn't help myself. :D

aimee bee said...

Aren't they fun? I love my boots/snow pictures. ;)

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