pancake party


After the catastrophe of our last gathering at the infamous Potato Party, we decided to stay away from the emergency room. Instead, we hosted a Pancake Party after Canvas Group (no cutting). We hooked up our electric skillet from Nana Kurtz and started flipping.

Bisquick (and other necessary additions)
Chocolate Chips
Peanut Butter
Whipped cream
oh and doritos, cheese, and sweethearts

Here is the evidence:

a busy bee kitchen

a cutie tootie chef

a very excited blurred Jeff in the background of a great pancake

a happy Hoops

an interesting mix, is that doritos and cheese?!

yes! Oh, my!

He also ate this. Sweetheart pancake. Think you like sweethearts? Try eating them after they've been burning on a skillet. Nasty!

I guess it's a super power...


But next time, I want to make these...

Rainbow pancakes found at iammommy
Don't they look awesome?

That's all for now.

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Laurie Sue said...


I loved the address cookies at iammommy . . . I wish I had thought of rainbow pancakes when I had the day-care. They are beautiful!


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