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oh hey, chad stokes

Chad Stokes, lead singer of State Radio, and Chris

So we went to St. Louis yesterday for the State Radio concert. It had been planned for months. A Christmas present for Chris. He was very excited.

My favorite moments of 2/17/2010:

1. Being with the Schulzs and the LaRues all at once. We bonded, didn't we?
2. Eating lunch at Ciceros pizza place at The Loop
3. Buying a vintage style hat for only $9!
4. Playing with baby Rhys
5. Being first in line to walk in The Pageant
6. Being within feet from the stage
7. Getting to take a picture of Chad with Chris

Least favorite moment:
Listening to Big D and the Kid's Table (yak)

But I'll try not to be negative.

State Radio at the Pageant

Chris, Andrew, Kirstin, Aimee

One of my friends sent me a link for a craft sabbath idea. (Thanks Kate!) I'll have to try it out soon! Ideas to come...!

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