in less than a week

I get to see State Radio at the Pageant in St. Louis.

The first time I heard of State Radio was from Chris. Our senior year of college they came to Columbia and played at a small bar. Chris knew of them from listening to Dispatch. Chad Stokes, the lead singer, was also the lead singer from Dispatch.

I bailed out of going to the show with Chris because I had a Bio test the next morning. Looking back I should have gone (oh, the woes of an over-achiever). That night was an interesting one though. After the show Chris offered to help them tear down and ended up having a pretty deep conversation with Chad about his activism.

Fast forward to a year later. I was in Honduras. Chris was a few weeks away from moving back home to begin support raising. He was walking downtown to Chipotle to get some dinner when he walks past Chad, who remembers him, and ends up eating dinner with the guy.

So, we're going Wednesday night to see him with our friends Andrew and Kirstin Schulz. My first show. Chris' second. Maybe we'll get to hang with him? Who knows.

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