Homemade Valentine's Cards

Valentine's love is in the air!

On Valentine's Day this year a group of my friends and I are getting together to make homemade Valentine's cards and cupcakes for the homeless in Columbia. Check out our event here. We've partnered with a soup kitchen in the area called Loaves and Fishes that is going to incorporate us into their Valentine's dessert.

Last night I wanted to have some examples to work with so I started making my own homemade Valentine's cards. My ingredients: cardstock, scrapbook paper and glue.

Here are some ideas I came up with. Feel free to use some of my ideas to make your own. Enjoy!

coffee love

tree love

spring love

glitter love (for my sister)

grow love

redemptive love

striped pj love

classic love


lesley kay said...

so cute!! i love the coffee, tree and spring love! adorable.

Laurie Sue said...

I am assuming you didn't let Chris any where NEAR the scissors?

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