Happy Birthday Christopher!

Happy Birthday Christoper

Today is his 24th birthday, and so I decided to post some of my favorite photos of this great man.
But first,

10 things I love about Christopher:

1. He dreams. Not just sleep dreams, but he's a life dreamer.

2. He talks in his sleep, speaking of dreaming. Just this week he woke me up in the middle of the night to ask me about 3 people I had never heard of before. He's hilarious.

3. He loves me well and tells me that he loves me often.

4. He cleans the toilets. (And lots of other things, but especially the toilets). Yak.

5. He encourages me to be the woman God desires me to be.

6. He reads philosophical books for fun. (Also, yak!)

7. He tucks me in.

8. He looooooves coffee. Me too.

9. He thinks about things for a long time before he says anything. I appreciate this because I am quite the opposite.

10. He desires to know the Lord deeply and draws me closer to the Lord.

Ninja moves on our honeymoon in Nederland, Colorado

Under the Awkward Tree

(Pre-dating) Eating oreos coming down Long's Peak (healthy huh?)

Herding sheep at Diesel's 2 year birthday party

In his handsome tux on June 13th

(Pre-dating) Playing catch after summiting Long's Peak (14,255 ft)

Snuggling with Diesel, mmm Diesel...

Happy B-day love!

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