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Today I was reading up on my Bible reading plan. It's similar to the one I was doing earlier from previous blog entry. But instead of focusing in on Jesus' words and scripture, this plan focuses more on unheard stories of the Bible.

It's called 30 Stories You've Probably Never Heard. Found here, along with other plans. Well, all of these stories I have read, but few of them I remember.

The reading I read today (2 Chronicles 16) is about this guy named Asa who was a King. He was a follower of the Lord and obeyed the Lord. For this reason, the Lord watched over him. However, later on in his reign he made a dumb decision. Instead of relying on the Lord for supplies to build a new town, he stole supplies from an army he defeated. Later he makes another dumb decision. He gets sick and it seems like the Lord wants to help heal him but, he refuses to allow God to heal him from his illness and instead relies on himself. In both these cases, he didn't allow God to take control of the situation; he decided to control the situation instead.

Anyone ever do that? (Me! Me! Me!)

Anyway, it's an interesting story, one that I don't really remember, but there's one line in particular that stands out to me. It's like the Lord highlighted it already in my little green and brown Bible, saying "Pay attention to this! Aimee, look at this!"

2 Chronicles 16:9

"For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him."

Read it again.

Okay. Just imagine that thought. "The eyes of the Lord are ranging the earth," searching the earth, from one end to the other; nobody is lost from his sight; he sees the whole world. Wow. Then, while his "eyes are ranging the earth," he is looking for those whose hearts are fully committed. He's looking for those that love him dearly, those that have chosen a relationship with him, those that are desiring to know him more, those who want to serve him; he's not asking for those who are perfect but those that know that they are imperfect, flawed, yet desire God to fill their imperfections with his love and grace. He's looking for them so he can strengthen them. Fill them. Build them up. Love on them.

Hm. I just hope that when he looks over the earth he sees my heart and that my heart it fully committed to him. I hope that he chooses to strengthen me among others, because man I can't do it on my own.

*photos from honeymoon

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