Craft Sabbath Week 2

This Sunday for Craft Sabbath I continued with the Valentine's Day theme and made a Love Mobile that I began last week.

1. I cut out some letters from scrapbook paper. You could do many different combos, but I went with "PEACE AND LOVE." (I used double sided scrapbook paper. I would recommend this so when the letters spin it's not white on the back).

2. Next, I cut out many different hearts of different sizes and shapes.

3. Then I turned on my sewing machine and sewed the letters together as below. I left a lot of string hanging for extra tying for later, and I started sewing halfway through the first heart of each word/heart set. I left a little time in between each letter so it is able to spin better. Each letter and heart is about 1/2 inch apart. I wasn't precise with my measuring though. Be free. :)

4. Last I went out to my backyard and found some nice sticks and tied the words and heart lines to the stick in a way so it says, "PEACE (hearts) AND (hearts) LOVE."

Here's a few shots of the details:

And the finished project:

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