What would Jesus do if someone parked in his parking spot?

Here's the story:

At our apartment complex Chris and I have one parking spot for the two of us, which means I normally park in our spot while Christopher parks on the street. (What a man, I know).

So, the deal is only residents are to park in the lot in their assigned spot. All guests are to park in the street. Spots are labeled for all to see which apartment they belong to, and signs are posted for guests to know. If an unauthorized car is parked in "our" spot, we are supposed to call and tow them. (Yeah, who wants to be that guy, right?)

Well, I might be that girl.

In our apartment lifetime (about 8 months), random people have parked in our lot. Usually when this happens I either:

a). Ignore it; park on the street; stare the car down as I walk by the sidewalk to my home, or
b). Write them a friendly note (seriously, I try to use smiley faces and exclamation marks after "Thanks" to ensure them that I am not mad at them) :)

Most often, they aren't parked there again. My business is done. I happily arrive home from work and pull into my spot, unaffected by the abruptness of someone in my spot.

But what if they don't stop parking in my spot?

Just recently there has been a certain explorer parked in my spot. Not once, not twice, but last night was THREE times. (Yes, I was brewing). I left a note the first time, was seriously crushed the second time, and so by the third time I was ready to call the tow truck.

Fortunately, before going into my apartment last night I spotted him outside his car. It was pretty dark so I couldn't tell what he looked like. I politely asked him to "Please move out of my spot," and, "They are more than welcome to park on the street." Turns out this guy was big, not scary, but big.

So here I am, little me in my little, teeny, baby car asking this big tall guy in his big explorer to move. I felt dumb, silly, little, pathetic, and worse of all naggy. (uh)

He was polite and moved his car to the spot next to mine (a neighbor, which I know isn't him), and I proceeded on with my night. However, I couldn't help feeling that sense of grossness of myself. Did I really just make that guy move? Was it worth it? Will he forever label me as that girl, the nag? But then when I think about how many times he would have continued parking in my spot and that I didn't have to end up towing him, then I feel good.

But, what should I do? Should I
a). ignore and park on the street next time
b). keep leaving notes
c). tow
d). buy a house so I have my own, real parking spot

Hm. Can I choose d? What would you do?


Lindsay said...

That's a hard one. Props for having the guts to confront him though! I'm always the girl who's really nice to their face and then talks bad about them as soon as I turn around...I don't think Jesus would do that!

Lindsay said...

To clarify...I don't do that to everyone...just the people like the guy who repeatedly parked in your parking spot...or the people who asked me if I was pregnant one, or two, or three weeks after I had Rhys...ok, just wanted to clear that up after I re-read my comment and realized it sounded bad. :)

breezylucia said...

you left notes, he can read the signs and numbers, he shouldn't be parking in other people spots, you pay for that spot- he is essentially stealing from you- c.

i'm harsh though.

and ive totally parked in your neighbor's spots. ahaha.. but it was only over break when they probably weren't there.

aimee bee said...

Lindsay- I understood, but clarification is good for others. :)

Breezy- true. And true, but not all are gone during break. Ask me next time and I'll let you know which ones are. ;) Usually Apt 1

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