Top 10 Apartment Likes...

Combating negativism, that is my everyday occupation. And today I decided to fight it with you Blogger world. Thanks. :)

In lieu of my not-so-wonderful-thoughts sometimes about our apartment, I decided to make a Top Ten List of Things I Like About Our Apartment.

Starts here:

1. My paintings
I made these paintings in college during a 2D Design art class. I spent so much time working on them that afterward I was bored and tired of looking at them. I stuffed them into a sketch pad under my bed until just recently. With the influence of Chris I decided to put them up. We cut out foam board, 3m taped the painting to the foam board, and hung them on our wall with blue 3m tape. Now I really enjoy seeing them everyday.

2. Salvation Army Painting

I found this big painting at a Salvy in Rolla my Freshman year after college. My Dad had just moved into a new house and I decided I would make over my bedroom. I loved this painting more for the largeness and frame than anything else. I've always said that I will create a new painting to put into the frame, but part of me is not wanting to get rid of it.

Also, if you look closely, the melon in the bowl slightly resembles a nerf ball. :)

3. Books!
If there is anything we collect more than anything else and have zero intentions to give away, it is books. Chris and I both love, love, love books. Anything you can think of from fiction to fix-it, textbooks to dictionaries, autobiographies to Christian reads we've got it. We currently have 3 bookshelves and could use another, but would have nowhere to put it in our apartment. We're open for check-outs so come on over!

4. Our Bedroom
This is my favorite room in our apartment because I think it is so relaxing.

The curtains are really fun to me because I made them and they're floral. Chris always calls me a grandma because I love anything floral.

What's funny is when I was in the line at JoAnn's to buy the fabric, a woman behind me (probably in her 60's) pulled me aside to tell me how much she loved my fabric. She was definitely a Grandma, and I guess I am too.

5. Candles

I love candles in our apartment. I got 2 new ones for Christmas, one from a co-worker and another from Chris.

6. Covered Fridge

Everyday we get to see the bright and beautiful faces of our friends and relatives. We love you guys and we love looking at you! Keep sending us your photos!

7. Floral Dinnerware

Okay. This was a steal. One time when Chris and I were just friends and living in Estes Park, Colorado, we decided to take a day trip to Boulder to just browse. We ended up at a Salvation Army in Boulder (which is my fav salvy so far). There were so many things I loved there, but this was my favorite.

At the time I didn't even have an apartment. I still lived in the dorms and dishes were not necessary, but I couldn't pass them up. So... I bought them, and oddly enough they were the first set of dishes we owned as a married couple. :)

8. Christmas Tree
I know, I know. It's after Christmas and I still have my tree up, but it's just so pretty. I love the lights and ornaments. We are planning to take it down this week (sad) but I feel that our apartment was improved by it's presence. Goodbye beautiful tree... until next year. :(

9. It's us

Chris and I always said that we wanted a home that reflected our personality. I think right now it does. There are many things I would love to change and many ideas I have for art within our home, but for now it is great. We also love that it is all random, but hopefully looks good together in the crazy way we make it work.

10.It's our home
We're here. It's home. It feels good coming home. So we love it.

The end.

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Laurie Sue said...

I love your apartment. It is very "Chrimee".

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