sad day

Today Chris and I went to get a TV that was on sale at Walmart.

Brief History: We've been looking for one since the middle ages, or November. We've been very indecisive about
a). getting one
b). size
c). price
d). getting one (the whole needs vs. wants yadda yadda)

We have one that is the size of Jupiter... well, maybe a little smaller. It was a hand-me-down. Thank you Charlotte. We just thought we might update to the 21st century (kind of like she did when she handed-me-it-down). We even got gift cards and money to buy a tv, but we were still debating...


We went today to get one at Walmart because there was a 42'' on sale for $399. Woohoo! Yeah! $399! Here

We were excited.
We were making jokes about our lame tv.
We talked about what movie we would watch first on our big, new, beautiful tv.

And then we went, and they were sold out. Sold Out? Repeat. Oh.


But you know what's the greatest thing of all. We were both really upset, mad at ourselves, mad at each other for various, stupid reasons that at the time we thought made sense. And then, we drove home in silence and both realized (simultaneously, yet separately) that it is just a tv.

It's just a tv. There will be others. Someday. Sometime.

So, we are good again. Actually, I think we are even better than before. I think Christopher would agree. :)

We'll begin the search again..
we were sad

but it's just a tv

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breezylucia said...

there are 3 walmarts in columbia!!

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