packages and cartas

Isn't it fun when you get a package in the mail? Mail time is one of my favorite things about Saturdays. This Saturday we received an unexpected package (the best kind!) from my Grandma. Inside was a note that read,

Aimee and Chris,
Hope you haven't packed all your Christmas things away. I found these at Dillard's on clearance. Thought the "1st Christmas together" was fitting for you two. I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore decorations for us. [So, she buys them for us ;) ]
Thanks for the hot chocolate [I send her a jar of Mexican Hot Chocolate from a previous blog entry]. We haven't tried it, but I'm sure it will be great.
Hope all is good and all is going well.
Love, Grandma

1st Christmas

And other cute ornaments for next year


Also this week, I received more unexpected letters from my girls in Honduras. I spent a lot of time with these girls throughout my duration in Honduras. They were some local girls that lived nearby the orphanage. Their curiosity led me to meet them, and eventually we were hooked.

I really enjoyed being around them. Their hearts are still youthful and energetic, yet they are mature enough to talk deeply about the Lord.

A team from our church went this last week. I sent 4 journals and 4 pictures with the team for my 4 girls that I loved. In the journals I encouraged them in their walk with the Lord and invited them to write out all their thoughts.

The team returned with these...
the girls

the sweet Spanish letters

Aimee and Swift :)
haha, I think they think I am married to Swift, not Chris Swift

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