Hello semester, goodbye friendlies


a new semester starts for many. New beginnings. New life. New opportunities. New chances. New people.

For us at the Rock, it means college students coming back to town and restarting our Canvas Groups (similar to church home groups). This semester brings exciting opportunties to meet new students and invite them to the Rock. It also brings sad goodbyes as two of our friends depart Mizzou for a semester away.

Brooke, a junior at Mizzou, is leaving on Saturday to study abroad in Costa Rica as part of her undergraduate degree requires. She will spend the next 4-5 months living abroad with a Costa Rican family, learning spanish, and studying at one of the local universities.

Cruz, a sophomore at Mizzou, is transferring back home for a semester. He plans to come back in the fall, and hopefully to visit us often. ;)

Chris and I threw a Farewell gathering last night at our apartment to see them off well and pray for them. We will miss you guys! Please stay in touch.
Cruz and Brooke sharing their plans for a semester away

Prayers for Brooke and Cruz

Lindsey, Breezy, and Kirstin

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