happy day

So... uh. We actually DID get the tv.

Here's the story:

It's Tuesday morning, the day after we missed out. I was sitting in Writing class at my school when the secretary comes in and slips a note on my desk. It says,

"Aimee Swift to call Laurie Dunn at Rolla Public Schools. Urgent."

I immediately get scared. I race out of the room without even thinking. My kids were probably wondering what the heck was going on. A ton of things were racing through my brain. Is she hurt? She must be okay if she is asking me to call her. Is she sick? Is Tim sick or hurt? What about my grandparents? This can't be good if she went to the trouble of phoning my school. I walked into my room, grabbed my cell phone, and called my mom expecting the worse. I wait, listen, wait, ring. Finally she answers.

"Well, hello honey!" she says in quite the cheerful mood. A bit too cheerful to tell me that something bad has happened, that my grandparents are sick or that someone else is hurt.

"Um, hi," I managed to say. "What's going on?"

Then she proceeds to tell me that my brother (Buster) has been trying to get a hold of me (I look down as she speaks to see the 6 missed calls from Buster and an urgent text that says "call me as soon as you get this"). Apparently he, who went with Chris and I the night before, hadn't slept that night, was hyped up on coffee, happened to go by Walmart and noticed that they had forgotten to remove the sale sign from the tv. I said goodbye to my mom, thanked for being inventive in getting a hold of me, let her go, and called Buster.

8 hours later I drove home to find a 42" Emerson Plasma TV and Christopher with a huge grin sitting side by side in the living room. Buster came over to celebrate, along with our 5 other friends. Our first movie viewed was Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Oh, yea. :)

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Laurie Sue said...

I was very proud of your brother for being so persistent AND for loving his big sister enough to want "make things good for her". What a tremendously wonderful family I have -- and I am so proud of them all!

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