Craft Sabbath Week 1

In an effort to follow through with creating and resting, I invented Craft Sabbaths. (No kids, not crap Sabbaths. That would be weird).

Craft Sabbaths= one day a week (usually a Sunday) devoted to making myself actually rest (because we all need that!) and being creative (ahh).

This week was the first, the beginning, the start of it all! Oh, yes!

Chris joined me, along with our friends Andrew and Kirstin Schulz. Kirstin and I focused on heart-oriented crafts for V-day and some unfinished business, while Andrew and Chris began on their adventure of sculpting a Starcraft chess set out of clay. (If you are a girl and wondering "What is Starcraft, aimee bee?" click here. I promise, you're not missing much. If you're a guy... well.. you probably already know).

Here's how the story unfolds:

Beginning with an old cardigan...
I've had this pink cardigan sitting around in my "to-do" basket, just awaiting an update. There were a couple buttons missing that I couldn't replace. So... I rummaged through my stash jar of assorted buttons and...
Walah! An assorted button cardigan!
the original button near a newbie (I don't think he's jealous)

Then Kirstin showed up and we made some heart ornaments.
Like this:

It can be folded into a heart like the one on the right or opened giving a floral image like the one on the left. Here's how to make it for you DIY ers:

1). Cut a square of scrapbook paper or regular colored paper. Make sure it is double-sided (unless you want part of your ornament to be plain white). You could also draw on a white piece of paper. I used a 6'' x 6'' piece. It doesn't matter the size as long as it's a square.

2). Fold it diagonally in half with the bottom side up, then unfold

3). Fold it in half to make a rectangle with the top side up, then unfold
4). Repeat this going the other way. There should be a + sign where the creases are from these 2 folds.

5). Make the paper face bottom side up and pull up on the diagonal creases like below.

6). Make 3 of these and glue stick the three together, sticking on their sides. Make sure the closed points of each three are all glued together. This will be the bottom point of your heart.
7). Next, trace the shape of one side of the heart with a pencil and cut along this line (1 paper thickness).

8). Then fold that side over to the other side to get the same size heart on both sides. Once you have one layer cut, begin cutting the layers one layer at a time (this works best for looks).
9). Finally, cut a piece of ribbon, glue to the outsides with middle of ribbon at point of heart. Pull a bead through the ribbon and tie at the top. The bead will act as a knot to hold the heart ornament in place. You can leave it in the heart shape, or pull back the bead, unfold the paper heart, and put the bead back in place to have a bigger ornament.

While we were making these, the guys were artsy too
Behold, the beginnings of The Starcraft Chess Set
Artists: Chris and Andrew
zealot with his friends (Chris won't tell me the names)
hard at work
baking zealot (yum!)

Welp, that's all for this week. Stay tuned for upcoming Craft Sabbaths. We loved it, so we're doing it again. And anyway, the guys have 45 pieces to go, not including the chess board. They'll be doing this for a while. :)

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Lindsay said...

This is such a good idea! You seem to have a lot of those :). I love the cardigan!

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