2010 Goals

'Would you invest in a business that had no business plan? Or board a plane with a pilot who didn't know the destination? You'd never see a winning coach telling his players, "I want you to get out there and wing it. Wing it better that you've ever winged it before." The scary thing is, most people improvise their way through life. And we wonder why we get stuck on the third-story ledges without an escape route. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

And so the year has begun (and is almost 1/12th of the way finished) and I have finally established my 2010 Goals. My focuses (foci?). My plan of action.

Here they are narrowed down into 4 words that will help me to have a plan this year.

1. Simplify

Sparked from an idea God put on my heart (found in a previous blog), Chris and I have been trying to simplify in our lives the last month. We started out by getting rid of furniture we really didn't need but had sitting around in the corner of our back room or under a pile of clothes stuffed in the closet. So far we've sold a chair, entertainment center, tv, and bed. Then we started going through old things that we've collected over the years: prom dresses, perfume bottles, and dr. pepper cans (oh, wait we still are keeping those). Some we've continued to sell; others we've taken to Salvation Army.

It's been so encouraging and freeing to get rid of these things. I've realized how great of an emotional attachement I put on material things, when really they are mostly unimportant (ahem, like the dress I wore to a Christmas dance in the 8th grade).

We've also made a decision to simplify in our spending. Our first step in this is making a budget and sticking to it. We're going to begin hashing out our budget this week. Any suggestions, please send them my way!


I want to devote more time this year to creating things. Many things. Anything that makes me feel lighter after doing it. It's a relaxation for me to create; it puts my mind at ease more than anything else (well maybe equal to reading a good book).

And so I want this year to be one of creation. One of inspiration. One of dream awakening.

3. Learn

I'm in the process right now of applying to Graduate School at Mizzou. I want to get my masters in Education, Teaching in Curriculum. My focus is dependent upon the program I get accepted to, if any at all. This deadline is much sooner than any others. I have to have everything in and finalized by March 1st. Wish me luck!

4. Flourish

I want this year to be a year of growth. A year of trusting God in hard times; a year of trusting him in my relationships with friends, with my family, and with Chris. I want this to be a year where I can look back at the end and don't have to question whether I have grown closer to God and stronger in my faith. A year where it is evident, alive, and breath-taking.

I want to be closer to my king this year than ever before and alive in my relationships because of it.


Fodoz said...

wait, i thought there were going to be 2010 goals in this...

Kate said...

This is great! In terms of budgeting...we use Mint.com and LOVE it. It has a great budgeting tool, and you can add any credit cards, bank accounts, etc., and it tracks all of your spending and income.

We're also huge on each having a bit of cash each month that we can spend however we want, without needing input from the other person. So I don't get upset if Ryan plays hockey twice a week and he doesn't care if I go to Hobby Lobby for scrapbook stuff. It's not a lot of money, but it helps us keep to our budget without being resentful.

And finally -- tithe! Build it in to the budget and do it first. It has been SUCH a blessing for us and helped us with our overall idea of money a lot.

Lindsay said...

I totally agree with Kate. We don't use mint.com (maybe I'll check it out!) but we definitely do spending money (we call it our "allowance") so that we each have something we can spend guilt-free that's built into the budget. Right now that's $40 each every two weeks, so not a lot. I spend mine mostly on coffee and clothes and Devin spends his on mostly music stuff :). And I also agree on the tithing...very important!

Unknown said...

I second mint.com. It's good. Takes some time to get setup, but after a couple months when you can see all your spending history you realize it's worth it.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone for commenting. I am checking out mint.com now. Kaitlin, I have a more detailed list 1-12 that I have written out for myself, but those 4 words summarize my goals.

Northforkriver, thanks for the input. Are we friends? :)

Thanks all!

Aimee Bee

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