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Last year we had a crazy, adventurous, fun, yet tiring Christmas. Although we love our family and we loved spending time with each and every one of them (at each and every parent and grandparent's house), we decided that this year we would set the trend of things to come-less traveling.

This year we are splitting Christmas up in two chunks. The first one started last weekend with the Horsmans' and Swifts' in Springfield area. The second one is Friday-Sunday with the Paules' and Dunns' celebrations.

Here's some photos from our visit to springfield last weekend...

Kayla and Marissa after opening gifts

Alex is so excited to get Starcraft!

Anna on the tree (5 yrs)

Chris on the tree (5 yrs)

Anna and Aimee
Grandma and Grandpa Swift

Trost family

Mike, Chris, Anna, and Pam

Chris and Anna

Chris, Anna, and Aimee

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