Christmas Wreaths

Last year after the madness of Christmas, I spent some time picking out some Christmas decorations for this year. I told myself, "They're 75% off. Go ahead, live a little." Well, I did. I bought this beautiful red berry wreath made a by a local florist in Columbia. Little did I know, that the following year I would have not one front door, but two.

This created quite the diliema when it was about Thanksgiving time. I knew the crazy turkey on the door must come down, but that only meant that something Christmasy had to replace it's welcoming lure into our home.

I dug through my numerous boxes of crafts and found 2 straw wreaths. (You can find these at Hobby Lobby or Michaels). Plain, simple, nothing to them. I decided to make some wreaths out of these with a trick one of my friends taught me a couple years ago.

I had leftover fabric from years past in red and green tints. I took this fabric and cut them into small squares... about 4 in. x 4 in. I used these to decorate the wreath.

To get the fabric to stick, I set the fabric over the straw wreath and with a pencil pushed the fabric into the wreath with the point at the very middle of the square. I pushed it in about a forth to half of the way through. This allowed the fabric to come together around the point at which I pushed it through.
Don't be dismayed at the beginning. The wreath looks a little dull at first. The more fabric you push in the more full your wreath will appear. I would reccommend anywhere from 1-1.5 yds. of fabric for each wreath. You can also add a bow to make it look nice too.

By the way, I still made use of the berry wreath. It sits on the middle of our table surround a large bowl. It looks great there too. ;)

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Lindsay said...

I LOVE this!!! It looks so pretty! And I reaaaaally need to come visit you!

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