new curtains, new canopy

Due to a large, orange, solid gorilla glue stain that now resides on our new carpet, Chris and I have decided to settle into our quaint apartment. In deciding to settle, I also made the decision to make it more like home. This started with our bedroom- the drab curtains and canopy bed.

Here's a look at our bedroom before:

I found some great gold fabric lying around for the canopy (about 6 yards). I wanted to do something simple and original for the canopy, not the traditional canopy cover for a few reasons. One reason was I only had around 6 yrds. If I made the traditional canopy cover (covered on all sides plus top) I wouldn't have enough fabric. Another reason is because of size. Our room is pretty small, and I felt that having a bed covered in fabric on all sides would make it look like a giant box sitting in a room, rather than a focal point to be enjoyed. So, I opted for something a little different. And it's really simple. I sewed a two in. hole on one side. Once finished I ran it through the canopy rod (at feet) and hung the rest of the fabric on the opposite rod (at head). And... we have our makeshift canopy.

Next, I wanted to change the curtains. They might look pretty in the picture but they're not. It's the curtains that came with the apartment, which have probably been around since the last time they renovated 20+ years ago. The windows were calling for a change.

Since everything else in our room is pretty sold (solid blue duvet, solid gold canopy, solid carpet and walls) I wanted to do something with a bit more life. I bought a nice floral fabric at Joanns. My husband consented partially because it is an "artistic" floral, not "granny" floral and partially because he wanted me to finally make a decision on something. This is what I picked out. It's a nice floral with the blue shades that match our bedroom and gold to match the canopy.

I bought around 20 yrds. of this fabric. There were 2 windows to cover measuring 4' x 6'. In order to have enough to cover both windows and allow a little hang look, I made them to be around 4' x 7'.

So I started to sew. First I cut four sections of 4' 5'' length. I sewed one end with a 2 in. hole and the other sewed under. Once all four were done, I sewed 2 pieces together creating 2 curtains to match.

Then, I hung the curtains and enjoyed my new look. Next, I am making 2 matching pillows with the left over fabric. One is done and in the picture!


Lindsay said...

I love this too!!! They look so good! Will you make curtains for my house?? haha, I'm kidding...kind of. I wish I could remember how to use a sewing machine :(

Raymond Davis said...

My room is look very beautiful like this one, i also decorate my bedroom with curtains and cushions, and the most important thing my bed have a very soft and big comfortable matters which give me and wife a perfect sleep of night, my wife is very happy withe me and every morning when she wakes up says love you to me.

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