Trashed the dress

trashed the dress

"Trash the dress." The words I never spoke to my mother until after the photo shoot and something I recommend for every bride. It was a great excuse to wear my dress another time, not to mention make a spectacle of myself (and my husband) at the city fountain.

One of our best friends, Breezy Torres, agreed on our endeavor and captured the moments. She is an art/photography major at Mizzou. The following are a couple of our favorite photos, including the wet ones. Breezy also did our engagement photos. You can find her photos on her Flickr site :


Chris' "sexy" look
my favorite


Lindsay said...

This is such a good idea! I wish I would've done I'll probably never fit into my dress again :(. The pictures are amazing!

Lesley said...

i LOVE the shorter hair. so cute. i just don't know if i could trash my dress... you're brave.

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