Oh, wedding day

June 13th. The day I became a wife. I woke up feeling as if I was about to be in a wedding, just not my own. The day was filled with many emotions: excitement and joy to get married, thankfulness that God brought us together, and a small tinge of sadness in thinking about how quickly the days pass, how quickly I came to be a bride, and how easy the rest of our life will pass. I am determined to life every day fully, as I was before, but this time with my husband.

I remember dreaming about this day. So many imaginations fill a little girl's head when she dreams dreams such as these. I remember imagining my daddy, the one that first captured my heart, walking me down the aisle only to hand me off to the man I would marry. I remember my flowers being so fresh the scent filled my nose. And I remember my dress, something elegant and fitting.

With the help of 6 Bridesmaids, 4 moms, and one awesome Bridal Assistant everything went according to plan (and man did I plan). It was as beautiful as I had imagined, and honestly, I am thankful it has passed. The amazing time that it was can only last so long.

Here are some of our photos:

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Lindsay said...

Aimee, you were and are so gorgeous!!! I'm so glad I could be there for your big day. We need to hang out soon!

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