Catching up

Lately I've realized that I have put many wedding posts on here, but I have been lacking in areas of my life other than the wedding. My bad. So, with this in mind, I think it is about time I update ya'll on everything else.. or most of everything else.

Since returning from Honduras I have been working a couple part time jobs. 1. Cambio Center at Mizzou and 2. Substitute Teacher. The Cambio (Change) Center is often described as the hub of Hispanic research activities that goes on at MU. They have a number of different projects going on, most of which have to do with Hispanics/Latinos in rural Missouri. Specifically, I work with one project USDA that is surveying Latinos. I get the surveys in Spanish and translate/enter the answers in a HHUUGGEE Database in English. So, half of my week is usually spent doing this. I'm getting real good at translating yes and no's and also explanations about jobs.

My Substitute position is with Southern Boone School District in Ashland, Missouri. It's about a 10 minute drive from my apartment down Hwy 63. I applied for this job because I wanted to get experience in different classroom settings. In Honduras I taught 1-6th grades and I knew nothing about middle school and high school. I started off subbing mostly for Elementary School, which is what I initially wanted. After about a month I started getting calls to sub at the Middle School. I was terrified to do this at first, but now I love it. Middle School teacher here I come!

Now, getting to that. I want to be a teacher. I want to be a teacher really bad. I remember once my Freshman year I had a bad day in my Biology 1500 lab. I left lab, went straight to the School of Education and changed my major right there to Elementary Education. That didn't last long though. After a couple weeks it was back to Bio and I was still unsure. I went through all of college like that. I knew I really liked science; I knew I really wanted to help people, and so I figured the best way to do this was through medicine. And it is a great way, but it wasn't for me.

I canceled my MCAT going into my senior year and prayed. I prayed a ton. I asked God where he wanted me and he led me to Honduras. And through Honduras he led me to teaching. And now... I am waiting and praying for the next direction, which I am pretty sure will be getting a Master's in Science Edu starting next summer through MU. Pray for me for guidance.

Life other than work has been quite a trip. Lately I have been traveling every weekend between St. Louis, to Rolla, to Springfield and occasional trips elsewhere. I haven't been grocery shopping in a month because I am never home and I feel like I am living out of my simple/sleek lunchbox (a great birthday gift from my momma). I think of purchases in terms of rehearsal dinner dresses and stamps. (Example: Dang, if I didn't have to pay for this medicine it could buy me one packet of stamps for invitations!) My car is full every time I re-enter the Columbia borders with essentials such as dishes and shower curtains, and I am officially non-functional if I go to bed later than 10:30 pm to wake up before 7:00 am. My mind is hazy these days. :)

Chris and I move into our new apartment on May 1st. Well... really I move in and he moves back to Columbia 2 weeks later only to live on our Pastor's couch for another 3 weeks. He's great. :) I am really looking forward to finally having a place to call home that is 100% mine. Between living in the dorms for 4 years, traveling home, and to Honduras I have a lack of household items and have completely lived off of roommates (thanks Erin and Miss). Finally having these things (pots to cook with and dishes to eat on) will be SO fun. So fun.

And I guess the last thing I will share, mostly because my hand is starting to hurt, is that I have been dreaming again lately about missions. This is good. I feel like I stopped myself from dreaming when I first came home. It's good to be dreaming again. I am excited to where he is going to take us, Chris and me. Somewhere new.

Update complete for now. Keep checking in. ;)


Kate said...

If you have Heather or Landon Bartel in your class, say hi. They're my cousins :-)

Anonymous said...

I just found this page while searching for the full translation of "dame Tus ojos" You are an amazing person and JEsus shines all over your face! I just thought i would leave that on here even though i have no idea who you are because you are just radiant!

"those who look to the lord for help will be radiant with joy no shadow of shame will darken their faces"Its in psalms somewhere...:)

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