This past weekend I had a shower in Rolla hosted by my sisters, Ashley (moh) and Taylor (bridesmaid). They did a great job! The shower itself was not a surprise but the theme definitely was. I showed up at the front door of the building to Chris's Aunt Sharon dressed like a fairy Godmother with pink glitter lining her eyes. (She also had a star wand that lit up). It was a "princess" theme and everyone was wearing their goofy dresses. (Thank you Goodwill).

I had a goofy big dress too (one that I actually wore 4 years before to my Dad's wedding). It was big and blue and completely surrounded me, but I had a great time and so did the other girls.

I was blessed with some really great gifts! I want to move into our new apartment now, but unfortunately I have to wait until May 1st... so all our awesome gifts will sit... in my room in Rolla, untouched. Sad day. Thank you to everyone who came and/or gave me gifts! It was awesome!

Oh incase you were wondering, which most of you probably aren't, as for the first picture above, I chose my gma-2nd from the left- who was dressed as a nun-bride. Is that possible?

My boquet (I only broke one ribbon-Thank the Lord!)

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Lindsay said...

yay! I was wondering how your shower went, and I SO wish I could've been there! I had my first baby shower that same day in PA, so I couldn't make it :(. But I'm glad to hear it went well and you got lots of cool stuff!

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