Our ideas for our invitations came from two things: this photo from and our famous Awkward "date" Tree. We asked our friend Beth (who also made our Save-the-Dates) to put together our invitations with an artsy tree in shades of blue. We printed the invites the beginning of March and began to put them together this past weekend.

We had a great time doing this! Chris, his mom, and I spent a good portion of the weekend creating them. To create the packaged invitation look we bought sheets of dark blue tissue paper and shades of blue patterned scrapbook paper (scrapbook paper will be all over our wedding). We cut the tissue sheets into small portions, enough to fit around the invitations. Then I cut random scrapbook pages with shades of blue into 2 inch strips. Chris punched a leaf in each strip (and he did a great job) and we wrapped the strips around the tissued invitations.

It was so fun doing our invitations. They are 100% original and 100% our personalities. I loved them! Be looking for yours in April.

the finished invitation

invitation with envelope

notice the leaf?

personal handwriting (this was stressful!)

Chris and Charlotte working on the invites late at night

having fun making invites


Chris Swift said...

i did do a great job, didn't i?

Unknown said...

You did dear. I love you because you are artsy fartsy. :) (but that's not the only reason)

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Lindsay said...

Aimee, they're gorgeous!!! I'm almost jealous! :)

Kate said...

I just adore Beth. The girl can design anything. These are gorgeous!!

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