Honeymoon: Going back to where we started...

Summit on Long's peak 14,255 ft.

Getting hyped at 1 am for a big hike

pointing to CCYF from the Y grounds

Chris and I went around and around with ideas of where we wanted to go on our honeymoon. Our only requests when we started were to go somewhere that we had both never been before and we did not to go to a beach.

We talked about Sedona, Arizona. We talked about Portland, Oregon. We also even talked about going to a beach resort (this was when we were feeling hopeless). We talked about the Smokey Moutains, Canada, and probably anywhere else that is vacation-ish in the US or REALLY close to it (working on a small budget limits you to the States).

Chris had been encouraging me not to stress about the honeymoon, and had given the idea of doing some sort of road trip. At first I thought, "Yeah right, a road trip for our honeymoon. Who do you think I am?" But then.. I realized that he knew exactly who I was and my inner hippy was dying to do a road trip.

Then, one day I was thinking about Colorado. I was thinking about Chris and me and our time spent there: hiking the trails, traveling to Boulder, sitting in the cafes, talking to the homeless, getting to know each other as best friends- and I realized that Colorado could be the most perfect honeymoon for us. Colorado was where our love began and it makes perfect sense to have it be the place that we begin the rest of our lives together.

Instantly, Chris was on board. Road trippin' it is!

So far we have made reservations for 4 nights. The first two nights we are staying at the Briar Rose Bed and Breakfast in downtown Boulder. We are staying in the Cameron Room with a private bath and balcony (mmmhmm... I can't wait for that balcony).

Briar Rose B & B

After that we will spend another 2 nights in our Honeymoon Jacuzzi Suite at the Hilltop Inn between Boulder and Denver. This Inn is home to the Hilltop Inn Tea Room and Restaurant (we love tea)!

Hilltop Inn

Our last night is still up in the air. We are probably going to find another B & B or hotel in Colorado Springs. Any suggestions? We are open!


Kate said...

This sounds perfect for you guys! Just make sure to leave pleeeeenty of time free for...spontenaiety :-D

Unknown said...


we will :)

breezylucia said...

i can't think about this.

Chris Swift said...

should this be an awkward comment?

Kate said...

I think I covered that one, Chris. No worries :-)

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