Flowers are one of my favorite things on earth. I am always amazed by them. For this reason, I didn't have a hard time trying to decide what flowers I wanted for our wedding.

Originally, I planned on using wildflowers. I'm a bit of a naturalist and wanted to go with something earthy, but when Chris and I decided to go with shades of blue I picked Hydrangeas because they can be found in many different shades of blue, as well as white and purple. I love the look of hydrangeas. I think they have a beautiful elegance about them and yet they are super simple and inexpensive (well... inexpensive for average flowers).

We've decided to go with a local business in downtown Columbia that is only a block from the church. Each of my bridesmaids will have a white bouquet of 2 hydrangea bundles each, with the corresponding ribbon to each of their shade of blue (marine, blue velvet, horizon, cornflower, mermaid, and pool). I will carry a bundle of blue hydrangeas, as will my flower girls. Moms and grandma's will have a corasage with a variety of flowers (hydrangeas included).

As for the men... I am going to venture to making my own boutonnieres for the guys.

In order to stay in our budget for the flowers, this became our best option. We knew that women cared a ton about having real flowers and that real flowers look much better in photos. Because of this, we wanted to try to stick with real as much as we could. However, guys... they don't care (they probably don't even know at this point that they will be wearing flowers at the wedding) and I don't think it will make that much of a difference in the photos for a boutonniere. So... I'm going to get crafty and make them! I'm praying this will all work out. ;)

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Carrie said...

We used hydrangeas too! (along with roses) We did silk and latex flowers and they turned out great - they look the same today as they did 5 years ago. :)

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