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1st grade GCLA School, Honduras

4th grade GCLA School, Honduras

I had a dream 2 nights ago that I was a teacher! I actually had my own classroom, my own kids (well not really my own, but the kids in my class), and I LOVED it. (Oh, and I was teaching in English this time). Ah.... someday.

This is all really interesting because teaching was the one thing I requested that I not do when I went to Honduras... but God had different plans for me and he is leading me even further in that direction.

I have 2 meetings next week with different graduate departments at Mizzou for teaching. I am debating between science, art, and elementary edu. I think I would like all... we'll see.

Why did I not think of this 4 years ago?!


Lindsay said...

That's awesome Aimee! I think that you'd be an amazing teacher :)

Kate said...

You know, it's funny, I'm sitting in one of Ryan's classes that I'm auditing about career counseling, and right now as I'm reading your blog (shhh...), we're talking about calling -- about how often, God doesn't call us TO a career, but THROUGH careers, teaching us something about Him and about us through the process more than the career. So maybe that's why you didn't come up with this four years ago -- because you weren't supposed to yet.

Olivia said...


Reading this makes me smile! Just think if you do elementary, you can teach art and science too. :-) You would be a truly wonderful teacher!

Mags said...

love this, aim.

i totally agree with Kate's comment. that is the funny thing that i keep discovering more and more in each support appt, how each job and experiences along the way led me to my new job, something i would have NEVER thought i'd be doing years ago, i even said my junior year i'd never go on staff.

but it's really cool to see the progression and how god does so much more in that process than if we had just stuck with the original plan.

you'd be great!

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