New job: Wedding planner

It's down to less than 5 months until the big day (June 13th). With that in mind I thought I would share wedding updates. I have to say that I have really enjoyed the wedding planning process. It has been really exciting going to wedding shows, meeting with florists, tasting cakes, picking out dresses, and thinking about wedding showers (I can't wait for those!).

We began with the big things first. The wheres, the whats, the dates, the people, the colors... and here are some of our picks!

We decided to get married in Columbia. The majority of my family are from St. Charles, with my immediate family in Rolla, Mo. Whereas, the majority of Chris's family is in Springfield. So we banked on Columbia, thinking it was the best middle ground and would be easier for me to plan.

We began with looking for church buildings (our church doesn't have an actual building- we meet in a lecture hall- not so romantic). After going to 10+ churches we decided with First Presbyterian Church in downtown Columbia, MO. It is a beautiful, old fashioned church that coincidentally is filled with the colors we chose for our wedding... shades of blue.

The Church
outside entrance of the chapel


To stick with the downtown Columbia theme, Chris and I chose to have our reception following the ceremony at the Elm Street Ballroom. It's a beautiful and romantic setting with great food catered by the Upper Crust, a local bakery in Columbia.

The Reception

The Colors
I think I got the idea from watercolors, shades of blue. To this day I have not been able to find a bride that chose shades of blue for her colors (and I have spent some lengthy time scrolling, but in my head it looked beautiful so I went for it.

My bridesmaids and I chose one dress in 6 different colors from David's Bridal. Starting with my Matron of Honor, (my sis Ash) it will fade from dark marine blue to the last of the 6 (my other sister Tay) to the lightest blue pool. And to create some sanity to this madness, I chose one style of silver cute flats from for all the girls. (FYI-They have great cheap shoes here! Not just for weddings.)

My flower girls are both cousins of mine. They are adorable and picked out an adorable white dress from (Also a great place to find cheap flower girl and other dresses!)

So.. this is all for now. I have tons of ideas in my head and wedding planning binder. The next step is florist and details. I can't wait to begin there but I need to make a plan before I do. Any suggestions brides, brides-to-be, or crafty friends? I looooove help. :)

Have a great day! (and if you ever need help planning a wedding, please ask me :) )


Kate said...

The church is gorgeous! I'm so glad that you're enjoying this time. So many girls just rush through it, but it's such a valuable time for your relationship and so gosh darn FUN!

Mags said...

YAAAAY!!! you are such a good bride :) and my friend mahaley got married there, beautiful church and is great for weddings. love the FG dress. (that's david's lingo) and the BM colors are gonna look awesome. (more lingo) it was great seein you tonite!

Lindsay said...

I love the flowergirl dresses! Too cute! Your wedding is going to be gorgeous! I can't wait! :)

Unknown said...

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