ft. myers wedding

Last weekend Chris and I traveled to Ft. Myers, FL for a wedding of one of Chris's friends. We left super early from the Springfield airport Friday morning and returned late Sunday night. It was a good weekend to get away and spend some time in the sun. I also really enjoyed watching the wedding go down. I bought a wedding magazine at the beginning of the trip, Martha Stewart's color edition (I couldn't say no), and started hashing out more ideas about our own wedding. 5 mo. and 2 days until the big day. I can't wait. :)

Early Saturday morning on the plane

The 3 stooges: Gabe, Logan (the groom) and Chris

Sunday on the beach, hours before returning to 30 degree temps. in MO


Stevi said...

If you need any inspiration, I put up all kinds of stuff about my wedding planning on my website:


Unknown said...

sweet thanks!

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