A very needed update

Well, it's been 2 weeks now since I have been back. I left my Honduran family at noon from the Tegucigalpa airport and finally arrived at home in St. Louis at 10:30 pm to my American family.

My first weekend home was really hard. I remember landing in St. Louis. I could see all the familiar sights even far above in the plane, the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, the casinos close to my grandparents house, and all the lights. I got off the plane and walked quickly to the familiar place I knew Chris and my family would be waiting. I was really nervous too. Maybe I smelled or my hair looked funny?

I got to the corner and saw Chris and my family through the glass window. They saw me too. This is where things start to get fuzzy. I remember pausing and looking. Chris hopped the gate and ran over to hug me. I remember looking at him and thinking that he looks different and that I didn't recognize him. Then he tried to kiss me and I sort of hesitated and took a step back. (Poor guy). My family came over and hugged me. Holding a sign, they welcomed me home.

They took me to my grandparents house, filled me with cough syrup, mucinex, and sinus medicine and the last thing I remember is talking to Chris in front of the fire. I woke up the next morning dizzy and in disbelief. I was so used to waking up with the sun streaming in my window, hitting the button to shut off the AC and beginning my day in the Honduran heat. I woke up from my grandma's bed in socks, long pants and a fleece, stumbled my way to the familiar bathroom, and opened my eyes wide. I could see from the window that the outside ground was completely covered in snow. It was unbelieveable. What extremes- one day in the blazing heat and the next staring at the sparking white snow!

I came to recognize Chris that day. After seeing the snow I ran downstairs to find him on the couch. His face was stuck in the blankets but I touched his knee. He spoke and I recognized his voice. It was wonderfully familiar. I realized then who he was and who we are and our great love and why he was here and all these things. I hugged my fiance and was so happy to be in his arms.

Although, coming to know Chris again was really easy, coming to fit back in to my culture was a bit more difficult. That morning Chris took me to coffee at a local coffee shop in Downtown St. Charles. I was feeling so many emotions and so weird. Chris snapped a shot of my face.

Not the best picture I'll have to say.

Yet, the last two weeks have been really great as well. I spent most of the first week with Chris between my family and his. I celebrated Thanksgiving a few days late with my great big family (the turkey was great but I did miss tortillas and beans). The second week I visited my sister in Oklahoma, her husband, and my nephew Diesel. I also helped her to teach her 2nd grade classroom. (I am starting to take a liking for this whole teaching thing). The second half of the second week I drove up to Columbia to meet my friend Erin to aid in her surprise proposal. (She said yes)! And now... I am here on my comfortable couch in my homey apartment that I love, listening to the ice hitting the window as this so-called-crazy ice storm rolls in to Columbia, Missouri.

What a trip.


Chris Swift said...

I didn't realize you've turned into a bee as well - didn't even notice that.

Unknown said...

you'd be surprised the things that happened to me while I was away... :)

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