the tour continues...

Tree #3 at my momma's
Christmas Eve
(we missed tree #2 at grandparent Swifts')

Tree #4 at the Horsmans'
Christmas morning

Tree #5 at Grandparent Renfroes'
Christmas day

Tree #6 at Granny's
Christmas evening

Tree #7 at the Swifts' with Anna and Mike
Christmas night

and an extra... Alex and Chris in their matching green pj pants and white t's playing Super Smash Bros


Fodoz said...

too cute :) must be exhausting!

ps. the secret code word verification thing i had to type in in order to leave you a comment was "eclumps." i thought you would think that was funny.

breezylucia said...

i love this idea. my favorite is the last one. i love super smash bros. i used to play it with my bros too.

and to go with kaitlin's comment, mine was "payste"

breezylucia said...

oh....and why is it "aimee bee" now?

Unknown said...

i like e's and its a nickname from my childhood past life


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