The Rock Visits (kind of)

Last Friday a team from Missouri came to visit the church in Choluteca. The team was led by John Drage, Pastor of The Rock in Columbia, Missouri. The team was here for 4 days. They were able to see an overview of many of the projects the church doing in the communities. The Casa Hogar team went around with the group, and as usual, captured pictures of all their adventures. The team arrived in Tegucigalpa at noon on Friday. We spent the afternoon traveling to Choluteca. We made a few stops along the way, one for a flat tire and another to visit a small colonial town in between Teguc and Choluteca.

We visited a church, famous for its 3 domes

Diana and Lacey overlooking the street

Once we got to Choluteca, we met some of the leaders of the church at El Torito, a restaurant in Choluteca famous for its great stakes.

The group at dinner

Lacy and Aimee at dinner

On Saturday we visited Limon in the morning. First we went to the Tortilla Factory to show the team how the mothers make Tortillas.

Tortilla machine at work
After visiting the Tortilla Factory, we walked over the Malnutrition Clinic to help feed the children and learn about the project there.

The clinic

Roger, Doug, and John serving the kids

Carlitos praying for the meal

Levi showing off his food




The prospective children and their mothers

Next, we visited the Daycare located next to the Clinic. The children sang a song to the group, and afterwards they served the children lunch- Spaghetti.

Diane and Roger serving the kids

John with Milton

Loren with some of the girls in the Daycare

John with some of the girls

Roger and one of the girls

Casey with Duban

Aimee and Carlitos

Roger with the boys, he was a hit

playing soccer, of course

Roger spinning the girls

After visiting the projects in Limon, we took the team to the house of Nicolas. Nicolas lives in Limon with his grandma. A missionary that came from The Rock church, Melissa Molder, met Nicolas last year. He is severely handicapped and at the time was confined only to a bed. A few months after meeting him, Melissa asked The Rock to bring a wheelchair with their team in their next visit. That January Nicolas received a wheelchair.

We spent time with Nicolas and his mother, Dona Julia. We were able to pray for her health and her family.

Loren and Nicolas

The team praying for Dona Julia

Saturday afternoon the team met two people, Raul and Luc. Afterwards, they went to see Casa Hogar Vida. Ian, Pastor Geovanny, Carlos Gomez, and Nelson Reyes explained the plans for CHV and showed them the houses. On Sunday the team bought a pinata, candy, ice cream, and other things for a party they were going to throw Sunday afternoon.

pinatas for the kids

Before he had the party, we visited a couple families and brought them food. The first family we visited was Oneda.

crossing the river to her house

Pastor Geovanny tried to cross with his truck but it got stuck

So the guys helped him out

The team talking with Oneda's family

John giving away candy and food

Lacey, John, and Diane in Oneda's house, giving them food

Lacey with Oneda's youngest daughter

a snapshot of their clothes on the fence

Oneda's youngest son

the mud walls that line one side of her house, the other sides are lined with sticks and plastic tarp or bags

After visiting Oneda, the team visited another house. This family was living in someone else's house to watch over it. It was very large, but in an extremely terrible condition. The house was made of mud, and thousands of bees and flies had dug holes into the walls, forming one massive behive of the house. It was unlike anything we had ever seen. The family was very poor and very malnourished. The woman had 11 children. Two of her children were killed by cars when they were younger. One was hit by a car but survived; now he lives with a deformed face.

Lacey and Levi getting the food for the family

the holes made by the bees and flies surrounding the entire house

Pastor Geovanny sharing about the family

the kitchen

the only bedroom where the entire family sleeps

some of the children

In the afternoon, we visited another family. In this small house, a 89-year-old woman is raising 11 orphans, whose parents have died from AIDS. Some of the children are her grandchildren, others she found living on the streets. We brought them a bag of food and prayed for them.

their house

some of the children

praying for the lady and her family

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