Jorge's Family

The last time I went to Guasaule with the Casa Hogar team we found out that Jorge's dad is most likely dying of HIV/AIDS. We assumed that many people in Guasaule were infected with HIV, because it is a border town between Honduras and Nicaragua (usually border towns have a higher rate of infection) and also because many people in the community live together, sleep together, and have little education about HIV/AIDS. I never thought it would be my boy that was infected.

When Julie told me that we would have to take his family to get tested, my heart broke for him and his family. Best case senerio would be that he is not infected, yet he still is going to lose his father.

We went to Guasaule again to visit Jorge's family this past week. His dad told his that he was sure he was infected. His mother had already gone to be tested and is waiting to get her results back. If her results are positive, we will have to take the 4 children, Jorge included, to also get tested.

Please pray for their family in this time. I will keep you posted on the results.

Jorge's family

Jorge and his mom

Jorge and his dad

Jorge's younger sister

Me with the kids

Jorge and me

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