Dame Tus Ojos

This is a really beautiful song that I have fallen in love with here. It will always remind me of Honduras. I wrote out the lyrics in Spanish and in English. Breezy and Brian, I thought you might like this...

Dame tus Ojos| Give me your Eyes
Por Marcela Ganara

Dame tus ojos quiero ver
Give me your eyes, I want to see
Dame tus palabras, quiero hablar
Give me your words, I want to speak
Dame tu parecer
Give me the way you are

Dame tus pies, yo quiero ir
Give me your feet, I want to go
Dame tus deseos para sentir
Give me your desires to feel
Dame tu parecer
Give me the way you are

Dame lo que necesito
Give me what I need
Para ser como tu
To be like you

// Dame tu voz, dame tu aliento
// Give me your voice, give me your breath
Toma mi tiempo es para ti
Take my time, it’s for you
Dame el camino que debo seguir
Give me the way that I ought to follow
Dame tus sueños, tus anhelos
Give me your dreams, your yearnings
Tus pensamientos, tu sentir
Your thoughts, your feelings
Dame tu vida para vivir //
Give me your life to live //

Déjame ver lo que tu ves
Leave me to see what you see
Dame de tu gracia, tu poder
Give me your grace, your power
Dame tu corazón
Give me your heart
Déjame ver en tu interior
Leave me to see your interior
Para ser cambiado por tu amor
To be changed by your love
Dame tu corazón
Give me your heart


Stevi said...

Isn't it awesome to worship God in another language? I love it. More words with which to try to express the inexpressible.

Anonymous said...

great labor!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi, sorry...you don't know me. but, i was looking for a quick translation of this song to show a friend, and i found yours. so, i just wanted to say thanks.

i love its message...a friend who was working in costa rica first shared it with me. it's just one of those that always humbles me and turns my attention back to Christ and His perfect plan for my life...reminding me that i need to constantly be pursuing Him, and He will guide.

thanks again! God bless!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for translating this. I really appreciated the song before ever fully understanding what it said...

I appreciate it even more now.

Thanks again!

ishanie said...

What a beautiful beautiful song. Thanks again for the lyrics!! this way I can say it's a beautiful meaning as well!

Unknown said...

You're welcome all! Glad you enjoy the song as much as I do. :)

Cindy said...

Thank you for this translation. My daughter has learned to speak Spanish and had added this song on our iTunes list. I didn't know what it was saying, but could tell it was a beautiful song. I was so happy to hear that it is a song of praise to my Jesus. Now as I listen and read the translation- I just cry! Thank you for taking the time to post this!

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