CHV Projects

This week we have been working on many different projects. Rosie, Brenda, and Julie have been working with the women and men in the Self Help Groups, teaching them how to make Christmas crafts.

Rosie teaching the craft class

Making the Christmas trees

The group with their angels

While the adults were making crafts, me and Janine played with the children. This was easy. :)

Janine with the girls

Me with my favorite girls

Faye, Anne, and Loren spent the morning checking and fixing teeth.

Faye checking Loren's teeth

Faye looking at Samuelito's teeth, Pastor Geovanny's son

Steve, Paul, and Nick spent the morning doing physical labor. They cracked cement, sifted dirt, dug holes, and anything else that was needed.

Steve sifting dirt

Paul working at the orphanage

Nick helping to scrape off the cement border

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