Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

If you think Americans begin celebrating Christmas early, you need to travel to Honduras. Hondurans don't celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving, so they begin decorating for Christmas in September. Maxi Bodega, the superstore in Choluteca, started putting up Christmas lights and decorations in my first few weeks here. Not to mention Ktty, my sister, started listening to Christmas music around the house back in October. :)

So, this week we put up our tree in the house. It is a tradition in their family to decorate the Christmas tree with a different color scheme every year. This year was gold. We listened to Christmas music and drank Sparkling Grape juice. It was really fun, and now I am pumped for the holidays. Lucky me, I still have another tree to put up when I get home to the States.

33 days until Christmas!

Ktty starting the tree

Nelson was unsure of all of this...

Nelsy helping with the ribbon

Yo tambien.

Me and Ktty

The finished tree!

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