Cedar Creek Week Pt. 2

(continued from the last blog)

The team helped with construction of the houses for CHV. Here are some photos of the team at work.

Pedro, a translator from Teguc, hammered his foot. No joke.

The team also cut down a huge tree!

Playing with the kids- my joy.

Dave brought some toothbrushes and toothpaste for the kids. They loved them!


I also paint toe nails in my job.

and climb in trees

One afternoon, a group of us went to visit a lady from the church. Oneda and her family have been going to the Gran Comision church for a while now. They live very far away in a remote area. They have to walk 5 kilometers every night just to go to church. She has 8 children, and she brings them with her every Saturday. The walk is difficult because they live so far away.

We took a team to go to her house to see what she walks every Saturday in the dark with 7 children following and one baby in her arm. Her family is very poor, and she has trouble providing for all of them. Her husband is sick and is not at the house so she is left to take care of the children alone.

starting off on the trail

the river she crosses with her children

her house

we stopped to take a quick picture :)

one of her little boys

her one year old baby girl- She is very malnourished and is too tiny for her age.

One of her boys sang us a worship song that he learned at church. He sings better than most of us!

Me with Oneda's youngest daughter

Sandy with the baby girl.

the family

the muscle women carrying Levi across the river (someone didn't bring boots)

me, Loren, and Chickie with our botas

This scene reminded me of Missouri. I miss home. :) I will be there soon enough.

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