The Adventure Continues...

On Tuesday the team went to many different houses to visit people connected with Casa Hogar Vida. We went to Guasuale to hand out food and visit the children. We also visited a couple different families around Choluteca. First we visited Carla Cruz's house to take her some fruit and check on her health. Carla has two boys, Brian and Jorge, and is pregnant with twins.

Paul, Steve, and Nick in the morning

Levi, Faye, Anne, and Janine

Brian had some sores on his leg. Faye helped to clean him up.

She thinks the sores are from mosquito bites, just scratched a bit too much.

After visiting Carla and her family, the team went to Guasaule to visit some sponsor children and hand out food.

Faye with her sponsor child.

Janine with her sponsor child.

Anne with her sponsor child.

Me with Jorge, my sponsor child

Anne did a bible study in Guasaule with the kids.

Alejandro drawing a Christmas picture for his sponsor parent.

All the kids wrote letters or drew pictures to their sponsor parents for Christmas.

The families received bags of rice and beans.

Nick helping to pass out the beans.
After visiting the families in Guasaule, we went to visit another family that lives in Choluteca. This family is really poor. The children are severely malnourished. We gave the family some food for the week.

The entire house was covered in these tiny holes made by flies, bees, and wasps.

A cross made out of sticks in their window.

This is how we travel here. Very different from the States and England.

Loren and Paul
Next we went to another house. This family has 11 children, all orphans that are taken care of my an 89 year old woman.

Faye checking out the children's teeth

89 year old woman that takes care of the children.

Some of the children.

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Wendy said...

I admire people like you! May God Bless you in all that you do!
I'm planning on going to Choluteca for Christmas so I'm very excited! My mother in-law is from there, and my husband was born is Santa Barbara. I'm originally from Mexico City.

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