Week with Washington D.C.ers

This week went by in a blur. We had a team of 11 people in from Washington D.C. with Evergreen Community Church. They helped to paint the Tortilla Factory in Limon, to paint the inside of the orphanage at Casa Hogar Vida, to clear the land at CHV for the construction of the next house, and they evangelised to the nearby communities.

It was really great being around Americans. I really enjoyed getting to know some of them in particular, their lives, stories, and ways God is using them. Last night I groggly said goodnight as I got off the bus at my house. It was really sad, because there is a good chance I may not see any of them again. I feel really fortunate to have met them all. They encouraged me tons.

I got to translate this week for the first time. It was really difficult at times, but a great practice as well. I feel like I spoke more Spanish this week than I have any other time. I am excited that God is strengthening me to continue practicing and speaking Spanish.

The next team comes a week from today, from Cedar Creek Church in Toleto, Ohio. This group will be 30 people. It will be crazy. Here are some pictures from my week with Washingtoners and translators.

The team visits Maria and Raul in their new house.

A couple we met when we went evangelising. This couple is amazing. They have nothing; they live off the land next to the river, which is where the poorest people usually live. Yet, they take in homeless men and women like they are their own family. They have a passion and love for Christ and were an encouragement to our faith. The lady told us "I know our house is in bad condition and we don't have much, but some people don't even have a house, so we thank God for this." Please pray for them.

The team inside the first orphanage house at CHV. The church was explaining to the team the plans for the CHV as a whole.

Nelson explaning the layout. There will be 160 houses for families, 10 orphanage houses, a soccer field, hotel for missionaries, store, and director's house. It's a huge project that is expected to be finished in 2010. The first families and chilren are expected to arrive by Christmas.

The blueprints.

Me with Samueltio, Pastor G's son.

Ktty with my Girls from CHV.

Playing games con los ninos.

Hector, a translator from San Pedro Sula, with the huge snake we found while clearing the land. (The snake didn't survive).

Sunset behind the orphanage.

Me with Anne, one of the leaders of the team.

The translators.

Hector singing and playing.

Ktty y Hector.

Goofy tranlators. Chickie, Ktty, y yo.

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