Day in the Clinic

Thursdays I am in Limon at the Malnutrition Clinic. When I showed up early this past Thursday morning, there was a tragedy awaiting at the doorstep.

The frog was dead. (Or at least he appeared to be).

Levi and Maria were very sad. We threw it into the grass (that's when it started squirming). They just stared for a long time. It was sad.

But then they livened up for a photo.


Beautiful Maria.

This was the first time I saw this boy. I am not sure of his name. (Here when you ask a child what their name is they tell you their full name, which is usually 4 names long. So I cannot remember for the life of me what his name was. Sorry).

Yo y Duvan. Past Rock missionaries remember this boy? The one on Brian's head with the big glasses. I found him. He is sooooo lovely.

These kids conned me into playing soccer. Needless to say, my team lost. I don't play soccer, only when I am in Honduras and swooned by Honduran children.

Below are two of my favorite pictures of the kids at the Malnutrition clinic. I love it because they are full of joy.

Every year, hundreds of children will die in Choluteca from malnourishment. A lack of food. That is the disease that is killing them. These children are just 5 examples of something we can do to put this cause of death to an end. Everyday these children come to the clinic and receive breakfast and lunch, meals they would otherwise not receive. They are taught about Christ and His great love for each one of them. They have a place to play and laugh and be a kid, something that is also often lacking in their lives here.
Please pray for the children in Choluteca, that God would provide for those who don't get breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Because there are many stories here yet to be told.

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bwbowe said...

Hey Aim, loved this post. I miss those kids lots. I'm glad you found Duvan, he's always fun seems to be doing well. I'm really excited for what you guys are doing.

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