Seeing Jorge

Chris and I support a child here through Casa Hogar Vida. I met Jorge when I came my second time to Honduras for a short term trip. I sent him a picture of the two of us so he could remember me. Last week when I went to Guasaule I got to see him again.

At first I thought that he didn't remember me. I went up to him and asked him if he was Jorge and if he remembered me. (It had been 9 months). He said yes, but ran off in the other direction. After a little bit of warming up he finally got comfortable with me and stayed around me the rest of our time there. He even took me into his house and showed me the picture I had given him hanging on the wall.

I will see him again this month when the Casa Hogar team goes with a missionary group from the states. This time I am bringing him a couple notebooks and pens, a couple things he needs for school. It is such a blessing to be living in his country and see him every so often.

Before I met Jorge, he was unable to go to school because his family couldn't afford it. Now with the support through Casa Hogar he is able to attend school and eat regularly. I asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up and he said a Professor. This is really exciting because through school he can now have a chance to leave his life of poverty. Please pray for his life and that he continues to dream.

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