During my first visit to Choluteca in March 2007, I met Rosita for the first time. She was only a few years old then, yet she looked like she was only months old. She was severely malnourished. She would cry at any touch. Her skin was infected. Her hair was falling out. Her stomach was buldging, yer her body was tiny. She was in a serious state of malnourishment.

She began coming to the Malnutrition Clinic for Infants in Limon (where I work on Thursdays). However there were a lot of problems with her family, making it really difficult for Rosita to continue coming. Both her parents are mentally handicapped, yet they were left in charge of her. Her grandparents were unwilling to admit that their grandchild was malnourished. They said she was fine and that they could take care of her themselves.

This summer they removed her from the program.

Yesterday, little Rosita, only 4 years old, passed away from an illness brought upon by her malnourishment. It is so painful to think that a life is lost because of a lack of food. It is even more painful to think that she could have been helped, if only her family was willing.

Please pray for those at the clinic that poured their lives into little Rosita and her family. Please also pray for her family, that they would be able to seek Christ in all of this and that it would draw them closer to them. Please continue to pray for the little children in Choluteca, Honduras- there are many other stories like Rosita's story. Most are still untold.

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Melanie said...

That is so sad! What a cute little girl. I am glad to hear that you are helping those like her!

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