My friend Breezy and I had a skype date this week. She is studying abroad in Argentina, and so were able to relate on a lot of levels. Homesickness, change, cultural differences, language barrier (yep, there is one even when you think you can speak Spanish). There are loads of struggles we are both going through. Next week will be halfway for me. Right now is halfway for her. So with half of our time down and only half of our time left, we came up with these two questions to challenge the rest of our time in a foreign country.

1. (Influenced by John Drage) Coming to Honduras is a lifetime experience. (I won't say once-in-a-lifetime because I am pretty positive Chris and I will return to this place eventually). It is a dream I have been dreaming about for years, and now I am finally here. This week will be my halfway mark. Therefore, when I get done in 2 months, I want to be able to look back and be joyful for the way I served and lived here. I don't want to look back and be disappointed at all with my time. So, What do I want to accomplish in the rest of my time here? What is faithfulness in these last 2 months?

2. Change is going to happen. It is impossible for me to expect all of my relationships to return to exactly how they were before. It is impossible for the life I was living in the summer or the school year to be the same as it was then when I return. Friends will be different. Chris will be gone (but at least in the same state/country). I won't be in school, but working. Miss and Ryan will be engaged (check). Chad and Cass will return. It will be winter. I will be cold for a change. Erin will be in school without me. I will be living the life of a single woman (having lots of free time to hang out with the girls), while planning a wedding. Therefore, where do I want my heart to be at accepting change when I go back to Missouri? How can I embracefully accept this change?

So, I'll be thinking about these questions the rest of this week. I'll be sure to let you all know where I am at. Oh boy, life continues. And I love it here.

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