A Gift of Painting

After painting Luz's house, we were on a roll.

Charlie and Alan had an idea. In their time here, they have grown very close to Sonia, one of the women involved with Casa Hogar. They wanted to bless her in a unique way. Sonia lives in Limon, a poverty stricken community just outside of Choluteca. She hosts activities at her house, but has always wanted it to look a little nicer. Her house is made out of cement blocks, making the entire color of the inside of the house is gray.

Last week Charlie and Alan bought two buckets of bright green paint with a plan to make Sonia's home a little brighter. They planned ahead. Knowing that Sonia would be out of the house all day, we went to her home to find her three children (Mario, Vicky, and Brayan) eager to help. With a total of nine of us painting, we went to work and finished in only a couple hours.

At 4:30 pm Sonia returned to her house with a huge surprise. Not only was there a group of people waiting for her in her living room, but her room was bright green. Sonia loved it and was very thankful.

Here are some pictures from our day at Sonia's.

Bryan and Loren working as a team

Vicky painting

Mario painting

the finished living room, now a cheerful green

The picture we gave Sonia to put on her green walls

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