Cedar Creek Week Pt. 1

This week a team came to Choluteca to work with the Gran Comision church from Cedar Creek Church in Ohio. There were 30 people on board. We spent our time constructing the third house for Casa Hogar Vida, painting the orphanage, cutting down a massive tree, evangelizing to families and college students, playing with kids, giving out food to families affected by the flooding, and loving people. We also spent time at the Malnutrition Clinic for Infants and Hogar Infantil (the Daycare) in Limon.

These are some of the boys that live around Casa Hogar Vida. The kids in this area are my favorite. They always want to play soccer, and I always give in. Never before have I played as much soccer as I do now with these kids. And they play in bare feet. It's incredible.

The goofy boys.

Rosamaria- She has such a beautiful smile.

The kids after a game of football. Usually we play boys vs. girls, but this day it was a little unfair.

Rigoberto and his crazy flips. He can do 5 in a row, but I figure that would take too much time to load all the pictures.

After going to CHV we spent a morning in Limon. Carlitos is one of my favorite kids there. 11 months ago he peed on me. Now we are great friends.

Freddie with a woman from the team.

Carrie and Maria

The girls love to sing and dance.

My crazy girlies.

Minor, with clothes on!

The massive beauty of a Choluteca sunset.

Rigoberto wearing the lining of the soccer ball we broke. It was an intense game.

Our bus driver, Louis's truck.

The team.

Marvelis y yo.

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