shrimp :(

Every Friday I teach Art and Home Economics at the school. Sometimes its in English, but usually in Spanish. I really like teaching art and I am thankful for the experience. This is the first time I have ever taught kids, so I think it is a good practice run for me to see if I could every really teach youngsters. So far I'm not sure.

When I am at the school I eat lunch at the store that my house mom owns next to the school. They always fix me lunch, and I never know what to expect. Today I was STARVING. For some reason I was extra hungry. So when I had my lunch break I couldn't wait to eat.

I walked into the store and sat down. It felt good to take a seat. Juli brought my food to me on a plate.

Rice, yes of course, always.
Cucumber and tomatoes with dressing, another norm.
And then SHRIMP. Oh no.

I don't like shrimp because of the texture. I actually hadn't eaten shrimp in YEARS because I was convinced that it was terrible. I never had the desire to eat it. Yet, I knew that this was my only option for lunch. If I didn't eat I would be sick and tired. I had no other choice but to down all of it, the shrimp included. Ah...

So, I ate it all and I am happy to say that it wasn't as bad as I thought. I guess I need to learn how to try new things.


Fodoz said...

i love how this climaxes. hahahaha. just think about this: at least it wasn't one big giant shrimp!

kiki said...

I don't like shrimp.

I'm praying for you!

Love Kiki

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